Directly seeded crops might have to face a number of challenges and threats in initial stages such as poor or uneven germination and inclement weather. However, seedlings raised by plug-production techniques—like the ones at our nursery—don’t really suffer from insufficient nutrition or from pests and diseases.

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Here’s a list of benefits that you can expect from the seedlings grown at Sneha Nursery:

  • Our sophisticated glasshouses ensure healthy, disease-free seedlings.
  • Plants grown from our seedlings are able to realize yields that match their genetic potential.
  • Seedlings are grown to suit the requirement of the farmers, irrespective of the season.
  • Our healthy seedlings yield the optimal outputs and have high disease-resistance levels.
  • A higher seedling survival rate is possible because of reduced transplantation damage and lower incidence of diseases.
  • It is possible to produce vegetables even during off-season periods, resulting in more profits for the farmer.
  • Increased crop uniformity and turnover.
  • Increased use of the marginal land.
  • Prompt and dependable delivery.
  • You get to save the money you waste on labour because of non-uniform yields and other logistics.
  • Takes less time and labor to transplant seedlings.
  • Higher quality and uniformity of transplants.
  • Decreased use of pesticides.
  • Reliable planning of production.
  • Reduced transplantation shock results in more uniform flowering as compared to bare-root seedlings.
  • Our seedlings receive better care and protection from animals, weeds and pests.