3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Growing Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are known for their juiciness and nutrition, forming a quintessential part of almost everyone’s diet. Tomato cultivation takes place in different parts of the world, throughout the year. From large-scale farmers maintaining large plantations to individual homeowners rearing tiny home gardens, tomatoes are the chosen crops of many kinds of people. If you’re looking […]

Boost Your Papaya Yield With These 4 Insightful Tips

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Known for its heavenly taste and wonderful medicinal properties, the papaya plant is a favorite among horticulturalists across India. In fact, papaya is the fifth-most important commercial plant in India. Papaya plants are usually sown during spring (February to March), monsoon (June to July) and autumn (October to November). These perennial plants grow throughout the […]

5 Reasons Why Transplanted Seedlings Make For Better Yields

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When done in the right way, farming can be a fulfilling and profitable profession. If you’re looking to improve your crop yields in the long run, it’s important to first understand and implement certain dos and don’ts into your farming practices. Seedling transplantation is one procedure that you need to incorporate into your farming. Agricultural […]

Futility Of Traditional Growing Techniques

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Presently, vegetable, fruit and flower seedlings are raised by the farmers themselves in small, captive nurseries, and thereafter transplanted to the main field. This practice poses the following problems: Most farmers aren’t aware of scientific seedling management techniques. As the nursery beds are in the farmers’ fields and surrounded by older crops, there is always […]