Understanding The Link Between Crop Yield And Nursery Management

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie experimenting with farming or a seasoned farmer looking to improve yield levels, good nursery management can often be crucial to the end results of farming.

After all, the purpose of any kind of farming is simply to obtain a good crop yield.

As the saying goes, what you sow shall you reap. Below is a list of reasons that help you better comprehend the link between crop yield and nursery management:


IMG_7746While raising seedlings in a nursery, it’s possible to provide favorable growth conditions in terms of timely watering, weather protection, pest control and so on.

  • It’s easier to take care of seedlings in a small-sized nursery as opposed to a farm that’s spread out over multiple acres. This ensures that the seedlings aren’t affected by pathogenic infections, pests or weeds at an early stage.
  • The seedling survival rate drastically increases in a nursery, ensuring that your yield is affected in a positive manner.
  • It’s possible to raise only the desired genotypes under controlled conditions, which directly translates into better seeds from the plants that eventually grow in your field.
  • When doing it the traditional way, the initial seeding and germination process can often be an expensive affair. With nursery-raised seedlings, farmers can save up on labor costs and reap more profits in the long run.

At Sneha Nursery, our aim is to help farmers in realizing better yields. Our healthy, disease-free seedlings positively affect farm outputs, while lowering inputs costs as well.

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