Why Choose Us

We understand the limitations of traditional growing techniques, which may create a number of problems for farmers. The following are the areas that farmers face the most trouble with:

  • Normally, seedbeds are present in the farmer’s fields and are surrounded by older crops. This leaves the seedlings open to the possibility of insect attacks and diseases.
  • When the young seedlings are affected by bacterial and fungal diseases at an early stage, they never fully recover from this and are unable to produce a yield to the extent of their genetic potential.


These weak seedlings most often face transplantation shock and either die or do not produce a yield expected by the farmer.

  • The yield is often not uniform and farmers are forced to bear a higher cost of labor for plucking and logistics.
  • Farmers cannot plan proper supply because of non-uniform yields and lower quantity of produce.
  • Due to poor management, farmers lose most of their plants leading to substantial financial losses.
How We Can Help

At Sneha Nursery, our foremost aim is to help farmers produce better-quality crops. We do that with the help of plug production techniques in highly sophisticated greenhouses. Plugs are seedlings produced in small volumes of growth media that are contained in tiny cells.


Four stages of seedling development make up plug growth—the emergence of the radicle, spreading of the cotyledon, unfolding of three or four leaves and finally, a finished plug with more than four expanded leaves.

If done correctly, these plug trays can have exceptionally uniform seedlings ready for transplanting. And at Sneha Nursery, we strive to ensure that each one of our seedlings is raised to precise specifications.