5 Reasons Why Transplanted Seedlings Make For Better Yields

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When done in the right way, farming can be a fulfilling and profitable profession. If you’re looking to improve your crop yields in the long run, it’s important to first understand and implement certain dos and don’ts into your farming practices.

Seedling transplantation is one procedure that you need to incorporate into your farming. Agricultural experts say that transplanted seedlings can bring with them a number of benefits.



The question arises, can transplanted seedlings help you achieve better crop yields? Just read on to find out more:

  1. You’re supposed to transplant seedlings at an optimal stage of growth. If done at the right time, this process ensures that plants enjoy a higher survival rate and lower incidence of disease.
  2. Because all the seedlings are raised in a nursery, you can maintain the purity of your land by de-weeding it beforehand. This means that your seedling have a better probability to thrive post transplantation.
  3. When seeding your land in the traditional way, many of the seeds you’ve sown might not survive past the initial stage. However, when you choose to grow these seeds in a nursery, you end up using a lesser number of seeds due to optimal initial growing conditions. Your input costs can be lowered in this manner.
  4. When you use transplanted seedlings, all your plants age evenly and can be harvested at one go. This is in contrast to traditionally sown plants, which grow in a haphazard manner—while some may be ready to harvest relatively soon, some can take their time to grow fully.
  5. Transplanted crops have better root systems and grow quickly as opposed to traditionally seeded crops.

When you take the above reasons into account, transplanted seedlings are definitely the better choice. At Sneha Nursery, we use scientific techniques to nurture our seedlings, which can easily withstand transplantation shock.

If you have more questions about the methods we use, feel free to contact us on the number we’ve provided on our website.

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